We are no longer providing animal bedding or manure removal services as of May 10th.
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Servicing racetracks, commercial farms, boarding and training facilities.

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Bedding Products

Bedding Products

  • Hardwood sawdust – the most efficient, economical bedding solution for horses today. Our sawdust comes in a variety of wood species including poplar, oak, maple, pine, and ash.

  • Premium Pine Shavings (Bulk) – A 100% manufactured bedding that is the highest quality bedding product we sell. This product is desirable for facilities seeking maximum appearance and odor control.

  • Premium Pine Shavings (Bales) – our manufactured bedding is available in 3.2 cubic foot bales for customers without bulk handling capabilities.

  • Kiln dried sawdust - Bedding with 5% or less moisture that is terrific for dairy and heifer barn sanitation

  • Recycled shavings/sawdust – A recycled bedding product that is screened of horse manure and is a low cost bedding for bedding packs and steer feeding operations. This product is also a very effective amendment for nursery and blueberry growing operations.

  • Wood pellets – We offer bedding pellets in 40lb bags and shipped in 1 ton skids.

  • Specialty blends available upon request – On our premises we have mixing capabilities to create bedding blends for customers who prefer custom mix of materials.
Trucking Services

Customers we serve

  • Boarding facilities – our timely bedding delivery and manure removal systems give facility owners and managers the advantage they are looking for to attract top tier boarders and lay ups.

  • Racetracks – we provide a number of backside solutions for large racetracks. Our system has helped CAFO’s satisfy EPA manure management requirements while keeping costs for horsemen low.

  • Training facilities – our bedding products have been used to train past Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners. Top thoroughbred trainers repeatedly prefer sawdust and shavings over straw bedding for superior performance.

  • Commercial Farms – we provide kiln dried dust bedding with less than 5% moisture to keep dairy barns clean and sanitary as well as other types of bedding that are used in commercial dairy, equine, and poultry operations